One of the manufacturers and suppliers of Lifting Eye, Ring Clutch and Lifting Insert in Qingdao, China.

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Rapid Lifting System: JCD MACHINERY is a professional Rapid Lifting System products manufacturer and supplier in Qingdao, China.
Rapid Lifting System
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Lifting Eye
100% tested Lifting eye in 6 times work load.
Lifting Anchors System
Lifting Anchors System used for the precast system.
Swift lift anchor
The P-52 Swift Lift Anchor is hot-forged from carbon steel.
Dogbone anchors
The Dogbone anchors is in 4 times work load.
Eye anchors
The lift eye anchors is used for the precast system.
Superior Lift Insert
Superior Lift Insert used for precast system.
Utility Anchor
Utility Anchor for swift lift system.
W Swift Lift Anchor
W Swift Lift Anchor is used for precast system.
Steel Recess Plug
Steel Recess Plug
Swift Lift Plus Stud Plate
Swift Lift Plus Stud Plate
Swift Lift Stud,
Rubber recess Lift Stud
Double head anchors
Precast part utility anchors
Ground Release Inserts
Ground Release Inserts
lifting anchor
precast in concrete or buried in concrete for the purpose o
Rapid Lifting System
Foot Anchors are manufactured from high tensile steel with e
Lifting Pin Recess Members
Recess Members for lifting pin system
Rapid Lifting System of Buliding Hardware
Spread Anchor,Two Hole Anchor,Erection Anchor,Lift Ring Clut
Lifting Anchor System
Dog Bone Anchor , Lifting Eye Anchor, Lifting Clutch,Rubber
Utility Anchor and Recess Former
Utility Anchor , Double head Lifting anchor, Recess Former
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