One of the manufacturers and suppliers of Lifting Eye, Ring Clutch and Lifting Insert in Qingdao, China.

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Precast Precast System: JCD MACHINERY is a professional Precast System products manufacturer and supplier in Qingdao, China.
Precast System
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Spread anchors
JCD SUPPLY KINDS OF spread anchor,two hole anchor,erection a
Lift ring clutch
100% tested Ring clutches in 6 times work load.
 Erection anchors
JCD Erection Anchor in 3 or 4 time of work load.
Lift Plate Anchor
Lift Plate Anchor used for fleet lift system.
Lift Shear Bar
Lift Shear Bar used for fleet lift system.
Flat Foot Anchor
Flat Foot Anchor used for flat steel lifting system.
S Anchor
S Anchor
T anchor
T anchor used for flat steel lifting system.
Erection Anchor with Shear Plate
Erection Anchor with Shear Plate used for the fleet lift sys
Sandwich Panel Erection Anchor
Sandwich Panel Erection Anchor
Structural Edge Lifter
Structural Edge Lifter are used for fleet list system.
Sandwich panel anchor
Sandwich panel anchor
Flat steel plate anchors
Erection anchor: (1)25 T to 22 T (2)hot dip galvanized or
Flat Steel Lifting System
Spread anchor Used for both stripping and erecting. With p
Two Hole Anchors
Two Hole Anchors
Lifting insert With Cross Bar
Lifting inserts used for the lifting sockets system.
Lifting sockets
Lifting Socket 1) Diameter: M / RD 12 - 52mm 2) Capacity
Flat End Fixing Socket with Cross Hole
Fixing sockets can be used for precast system of buliding ma
Waved and Fixing Sockets
Waved and Fixing sockets used for the rebar splice system.
Lifting loops
Lifting loops used to lifting sockets system. 4 times of wo
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