One of the manufacturers and suppliers of Lifting Eye, Ring Clutch and Lifting Insert in Qingdao, China.

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Other precast accessories: JCD MACHINERY is a professional Other precast accessories products manufacturer and supplier in Qingdao, China.
Other precast accessories
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Rebar Splice
Rebar Splice system
Foot anchors
Foot anchors ,Lifting anchor,Forged anchors
Universal Lifting Eye
6 times work Load.
Dowel Bar Insert
Dowel Bar Splicer system.
Bar Anchor
Our bar anchors are in high tensile load.
COMBI Anchors
COMBI Anchors are in high tensile load.
Wavy Tail Anchor
Wavy Tail Anchor is used for rebar splicing system.
Hi Tensile Cast in Loops
Cast in Loops is used in concrete system.
Steel Chamfer
Steel Chamfer
fastening plates
fastening plates
Threaded transport anchors
(1)Diameter:M/RD 12-36mm. (2)Length:12-200mm. (3)Capacity:
Lifting eye, ring clutch, lifting loop
precast lifting system,lifting clutch,lifting loop.lifting a
Snap on Clip Chair and Wall Brace
Snap on Clip Chair , Wall Brace,Universal Wheel Spacer